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Sustainable Bits That Make My Apartment Homey

by Hannah Smith

We’ve been home for a really long time now, and if you’re like me, you’ve probably got the itch to change up your decor. In the spirit of Earth Day, we wanted to put out some sustainable suggestions to consider incorporating into your space because right now, we need our spaces to feel homier than ever. I recently moved, about three weeks before quarantine really began, and a few bits and pieces have really made my apartment feel like home – so whether you gather inspo, make up a dream cart for when this is all over, or start to order now, see some of our favorite brands and pieces to shop below.


This direct to consumer house plant is exactly what we need right now to brighten any living space up. Whether you need a small bunch of aloe or finally want to try your hand at keeping a fiddle leaf fig tree alive, Bloomscape has tons of options to choose from. Most importantly, the pots are each made of 80% recycled plastic, most of which has been pulled from oceans.

Sabai Design

In looking for a new couch for the apartment, Sabai intrigued me most. Boasting fabrics made from natural fibers and recycled water bottles, I had to see for myself. The Essential Sectional is the piece for my apartment – the fabric options are great to choose from, but the deep forest green is a staple in my life and now, of my couch. True to the website, the couch arrived with very minimal packaging, and I even got two new produce bags out of it! Not only is it extremely comfortable, but it’s as pet proof as it claims – my cat’s sharp little claws have barely made a mark, though he tries!

Bathing Culture

Hear me out: soap is an integral part to making something feel like “home,” and for me, this Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash is where it’s at. The scent is light but familiar and the formula doesn’t leave dry skin feeling parched. Moreover, it’s an incredibly sustainable option, as their formal is fully biodegradable and because you can opt to buy a glass bottle and industrial refills (typically, refills were available at select stores, but due to the crisis, you can now buy a refill kit for your home!).


I honestly never thought pieces like a catchall dish or a shelf riser could really bring a place together, but I was wrong. In all honesty, I was drawn to OpenSpaces because of their usage of my favorite color, but I stayed for the smart design and the sustainable materials. They use as much post-consumer and post-industrial material as they can and you will find no single-use plastics in their products or packaging, so go ahead and get your Marie Kondo organization on, sustainably.


My Buffy has actually been with me through multiple apartments now, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to make their bed just a tad cozier. Their comforter is made with eucalyptus fiber and recycled polyester, made from old plastic bottles and keeps you temperature controlled nonetheless. They even have bedding such as sheets and pillowcases, all dyed using natural dyes and colors such as gardenia and pomegranate. Without a doubt, this is the way to go if you want a sustainable sleep set up.


If your space genuinely needs some new furniture pieces instead of just a few upgrades, try Dims. They create beautifully designed furniture, such as coffee tables and vanities, and are sustainably crafted. They work closely with a network of family-run factories to produce their designs in small batches, aiding in a better environmental impact and helping to insure the quality of each piece.

Feature Image via Sabai

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