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Window Dining: Five Female Food Writers to Follow

by Hannah Amini

Food has been one of the saving graces of our time in quarantine. Maybe staying at home has inspired you to put on an apron and try new recipes (cue April’s sourdough craze), support local businesses by ordering takeout, or begin to dine outdoors at your favorite spots with the implementation of safety measures. 

If the latter is calling your name, and you want to branch out from your go-tos, add a few restaurant critics to your Instagram feed. Whether you’re looking for some guidance on where to book your next reservation, or just looking for someone to dine out vicariously through until you feel safe to go out, here are some of our favorite female food writers across the country to follow.

Hannah Goldfield

Hannah Goldfield is The New Yorker’s resident food critic, where she writes weekly reviews in the magazine’s Tables For Two column. Her Instagram posts read like her reviews: succinct and sweet.

Soleil Ho

Soleil Ho is the restaurant critic at the San Francisco Chronicle. Previously, she hosted the Racist Sandwich podcast, where she covered the way that race, class, and gender intersects with food. She continues to do the work on Instagram, creating a Black-owned food directory for the Bay Area.

Alison A. Cook

Alison Cook has been the Houston Chronicle’s restaurant critic since 2002. She is a two-time James Beard Award winner for her writing on food and restaurants. If you’re craving classic southern comfort food, her feed will hit the spot.

Devra First

Devra First is a restaurant critic and food writer for the Boston Globe, who she has been writing for since 2007. Her feed also serves up some home cooking inspiration.

Marina O’Loughlin

Marina O’Loughlin is the restaurant critic for the British Sunday Times. Bookmark her posts to reference on a trip abroad when travel becomes safe again.

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